The trends of tomorrow

In 2017, more than 250 entries were received by the special event. A panel of judges, including independent media partners and organizers selected the Top 50 innovative products based on criteria ranging from uniqueness in taste and packaging, to ingredients within and overall presentation. More details will be released soon for 2018 selection.

Organic food choices are growing, with 7.4 % of total global product launches tracked in 2014 by Innova Market Insights, having an organic positioning. This is a significant increase from 5.8 % tracked in 2013. The leading market sub-categories for 2014 “organic” launches were: juice drinks (6.8 %), baby meals (6.4 %), tea (6 %) and chocolate (4.6 %). Product launch activity with a “natural” positioning on the other hand, has stagnated, representing 6.5 % of new products tracked for the last three years.

There is considerable variation among regions in terms of products carrying this claim. Unsurprisingly, West Europe was responsible for a 48% share of organic product launch activity, followed by North America (23 %) and Asia (17 %), with the remaining regions each all having an under 5 % share.

As consumers demand more transparency in terms of food labeling, halal certification is an area which is receiving increased attention. Growth in trade with the Islamic Middle East and South East Asian markets represent new opportunities for food manufacturers to enter these emerging markets, with halal certification being key for successful entry.

Analysis of global product launches with a halal-certified claim increased by 24 % in 2014 compared to 2010, according to Innova Market Insights data. Traditionally, while most halal-certified claims are found on product launches tracked in the Middle East and Asia regions, there is evidence of growth (+ 43 %, 2014 vs. 2010) for halal-certified product launches found outside of these regions. Halal certification is widespread for many product types, with leading sub-categories for global product launch activity tracked in 2014 being sweet biscuits/cookies and savory/salty snacks. Further demand for halal certified products should increase worldwide.

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