Trend Organic


Organic food choices are growing, with 7.4 % of total global product launches tracked in 2014 by Innova Market Insights, having an organic positioning. This is a significant increase from 5.8 % tracked in 2013. The leading market sub-categories for 2014 “organic” launches were: juice drinks (6.8 %), baby meals (6.4 %), tea (6 %) and chocolate (4.6 %). Product launch activity with a “natural” positioning on the other hand, has stagnated, representing 6.5 % of new products tracked for the last three years.

There is considerable variation among regions in terms of products carrying this claim. Unsurprisingly, West Europe was responsible for a 48% share of organic product launch activity, followed by North America (23 %) and Asia (17 %), with the remaining regions each all having an under 5 % share.


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