Top 50 THAIFEX Innovative Product Showcase

Innovation and trends-setting takes centerstage at THAIFEX-World of Food Asia 2017

The results of the Top 50 THAIFEX Innovative Products have been announced! Carefully curated by an independent panel of judges and industry leaders, these innovative products will be featured only at IMPACT Hall 1, at the THAIFEX Innovation Zone

A-Best Soup (Ready-to-Eat)
A Best Co. Ltd.
Booth: C3-F55          Country: Thailand

1. Convenient & fast (1 Minute)
2. Healthy food (Phytosterols, DHA, Omega 3, etc.)
3. Homemade taste
4. Clear pouch soup Ready-To-Eat technology (2 flavors)
5. 100% natural ingredient

Fruits & Vegetables

Agrilife Cocogurt Cultured Coconut Milk
Agrilife (Thailand) Co. Ltd.

Booth: IH1-F35          Country: Thailand
Agrilife Cocogurt Cultured Coconut Milk is a 100% vegan, dairy and soy free yogurt (allergen free),  which is made from high protein coconut milk and vegan probiotic culture plus prebiotic fiber. It helps improving the digestive system by the effect of the probiotic cultures and coconut MCFAs (medium chain fatty acids).

Health & Organic
ILIADA Kalamata PDO Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray

Booth: IH4-U33          Country: Greece
This Olive Oil spray provides ultimate control over oil intake and adds finishing touches to chef’s creations. Tests show that 3 secs of spray = 5ml of olive oil | 1 sec of spray = just 12 calories – perfect for health & fitness enthusiasts. Finally, this is the most sophisticated and safe spray technology. Two compartments, the inner carries the product in a pouch and the outer gets flooded with food-grade nitrogen that helps propel the product with a steady stream.

Fine Food
Mobile Eutectic Freezer & Electrical Tricycle
Ai Plus Co. Ltd.

Booth: C1-TT07          Country: Thailand
The Mobile Freezer is the needed equipment to complete the cold chain of frozen products from manufacturers to consumers to ensure the product quality life cycle. The freezer uses the newest technology that provides user-friendly and environmental (low carbon footprint) usage and a low cost of maintenance.

World of FoodService
Premium Hydrolysate Bird's Nest powder
Aiko Edible Bird Nes
Booth: C3-G37          Country: Thailand
Ancient Asia Edible Bird's Nest (EBN) is known as tonic and healthy food in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). EBN, the salivary glue secretion of swiftlets, contains necessary bioactive compounds for cell cycle such as immunity, cell division and proliferation, collagen and wound healing. Hydrolysate Bird's Nest by AIKO using unique special hydrolysis gives pure, healthy, safe, eco-friendly, more efficient product for rapid small molecule absorption.


Avocado Global Pte. Ltd.
Booth: IH4-X06          Country: Singapore

ACADO™ Avocado Oil has highest smoke point amongst all edible oil available in the world which makes it best cooking oil for any type of high temperature cooking including deep-frying. ACADO™ is free of trans-fats and has 25% lower saturated fats, free from sodium and cholesterol. It is rich in vitamin A & E, dietary fibers and folate. ACADO™ is made of Avocados which are one of the top 10 super-foods in the world.

Fine Food
100% Natural (ot from concentrate) Pomegranate Juice Grante
Aznar CJSC

Booth: C2-DD38          Country: Azerbaijan
Grante pomegranate juice is 100% natural, NFC, sugar-free. It is renowned for its wide range of biologically active substances thanks to the natural cultivation conditions and the cutting-edge processing technology - 15 amino acids, plenty of vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, niacin-vitamin PP and vitamin P), as well as macro- and micro nutrient elements, which make pomegranate juice a real fruit doctor! 

Brooklyn Organics
BCGA Concept Corp.
Booth: IH1-G27         Country: USA

We like our ginger ale zingy, with all the bite nature intended (and none of the calories or artificial rubbish). So we created new USDA organic-certified sodas, gently sweetened with plant-based Stevia. 
Brooklyn Organics is organic, non-GMO, has no sugar, no artifical sweeteners, no coloring, gluten-free, caffeine-free, kosher, and vegan. 

Fine Food

Cacao Nibs Almond Oatmeal Cookies
BHF Pte. Ltd.
Booth: C2-DD51          Country: Singapore

Ready-to-eat cookies containing cacao nibs that has anti-oxidant compounds to help cardiovascular health. It contains almond and oatmeal to improve protein and fiber content. The cookies do not contain animal products and are cholesterol-free. No preservatives added.

Sweets & Confectionery
Biolan Microbiosensores S.L.
Booth: C2-R24          Country: Spain

BIOFISH 300 HIS is a high innovative solution for the quantification of histamine in fish samples. Histamine is a common biogenic amine produced by bacterial action in fish. In higher concentrations histamine is toxic and can lead to symptoms like an allergic reaction. BIOFISH 300 HIS is a very accurate, cost-effective and user-friendly device based on biosensor technology.

Black Isle Goldfinch (Gluten-Free)
Black Isle Brewing Co.
Booth: IH4-X25          Country: Scotland

We produced a gluten-free beer in line with the growing demand for people leading a gluten-free diet or suffering from coeliac disease. Not only is this product gluten-free, but it is also organic like all our other beers. 

Fine Food
Fish Cake "Tod Man Pla"
Blue Spice Co. Ltd.
Booth: C3-L45          Country: Thailand

1. Introduce original street food of Tod Man Pla.
2. First Innovator and exporter of Tod Man Pla into the world.
3. Easy to cook and let consumer know how original street food tastes. 
4. No MSG, free from preservatives
5. Easy step-by-step instructions on packaging includes cooking methods.


Bioveggie Vegetable Tablets
Chiangmai Bioveggie Co. Ltd.
Booth: IH1-C42          Country: Thailand

Many people find eating vegetables daily difficult and inconvenient. We have innovated a new way of consuming vegetable. Bioveggie Vegetable Tablets allows consumers to have vegetables as a part of their meal in the easiest way. With our technology, we are able to turn 150 grams (80-90% of vegetable nutrients) of fresh vegetables into 5 tablets (1 pack).

Health & Organic
Kappy (Crispy Pork Rinds for Microwave)
Chiangmai Vanusnun Co. Ltd.
Booth: IH2-J43          Country: Thailand
Regular deep-friedpork rind
1) High in saturated fat
2) Expires within 7 days
3) Risk of cancer as frying oil is reused
4) Total fat: 47.02 grams / 100 grams
Kappy's Recipe
1) Low in saturated fat
2) Can be stored for up to 6 months
3) Production does not use oil
4) Total fat: 11.83 grams / 100 grams

Fine Food
Rice Oil Spray
Compagnia Alimentare Italiana SPA
Booth: IH2-G28          Country: Italy

The technology of our product is designed to preserve all the genuine qualities of oil, which are contained in a sealed bag (protected from air and light). Thanks to the revolutionary "bag on valve" system, no additives, emulsifying agents or gas propellants are needed. By pressing on the nozzle, the oil is forced out in a fine spray due to the pressure inside the canister. It can reduce the amount of oil used by up to 90% compared to traditional bottles of oil.

Fine Food
Concept Water 0 kcal
Concept Water Co., Ltd.
Booth: C2-GG65          Country: Thailand

Concept water - the first flavoured water enhancer drink in Thailand. We develop concept water from the equation of water + vitamins + flavour = 0kcal. Consumers can be worry-free while enjoying the sweetened drink and benefit from its vitamins & nutrients. We are proud proclaiming that our company is the first to produce the healthy and tasty beverage with no calories by using Stevia. 

Healthy Noodles
Daiho Co. Ltd.
Booth: IH3-R10          Country: Korea

1. For those that cannot digest flour, we used Ulmus macrocarpa (peels of elm tree’s root) that raises the coefficient of digestibility. 
2. For pregnant woman and her unborn, we used Korean dandelions - rich in nutrients (folic acid).
3. We ferment Ulmus macrocarpe and Korean dandelion directly to keep nutrients and the body can absorb beneficial elements. 

Fine Food
Mug Cake
Dr. Oetker Nona Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Booth: IH3-N29          Country: Malaysia

Our microwaveable Mug Cakes allow consumers to enjoy a delicious dessert in no time. A fast, easy and convenient way to enjoy a delicious cake in 50 seconds! Just add water to the Mug Cake premix of your choice (chocolate, mocha, chocolate banana) in a mug and microwave it for 50 seconds. 

Fine Food
Sweetened Condensed Coconut Milk
Erawanfood Public Co. Ltd.
Booth: C3-H45          Country: Thailand

Trying to eat healthy but have a sweet tooth?
 "Sweetened condensed coconut milk" brings 100% of Thailand's coconut to make the signature sweet taste. It can also be used for a delicious and soft taste of bakery and dessert items on your menu. 

Fruits & Vegetables
FITTO Popped Wholegrain Chips
Fitto Group Co. Ltd.
Booth: C2-Z68          Country: Thailand

Unlike most chips that are fried or baked, Fitto are well popped! They are made using heat and pressure that results in a unique all-natural popped chip that has all the flavor, half the fat, no trans-fat, no saturated fat, no cholesterol and no weird preservatives. Plus, our special mix of whole grain ingredients make our chips so distinctive from other chips. 

Sweets & Confectionery
Flavored Sesame Seeds - Wasabi Flavor
Flavor Full Foods Inc.
Booth: IH2-M15          Country: Taiwan

Our wasabi coated sesame seeds is one of our creative products that brings you to the next level of food sensation. It is a snack, food topping or decoration for any food item. This product gives consumers additional flavoring options for their favorite dishes instead of black or white sesame seeds.

Fine Food
Okra Chips
Greenday Global Co. Ltd.
Booth: C3-B01          Country: Thailand

Okra or Lady's Finger is the powerhouse of valuable nutrients and considered as a superfood. Nearly half of Okra's weight is dedicated to soluble fiber in the form of gums and pectin. We use highly-advanced technology, without additives, preservatives and food coloring to make a crunchy, low fat and high fiber snack for all ages.

Fruits & Vegetables
H2melon Pure Watermelon Water
H2coco Pty. Ltd. (H2coco & H2melon)
Booth: IH1-F34          Country: Australia

H2melon Pure Watermelon Water is 100% natural, contains potassium which is great for natural hydration, lycopene (strong antioxidant) and L-citrulline (amino acid). There are many health benefits associated with drinking watermelon water, plus, it tastes amazing so consumers can enjoy a 'better-for-you' beverage. Now available in a 500/1000 ml Tetrapak packaging.

Fine Food
Coco Jazz: Crunchy Coconut Bites
Hesco Food Industry Co. Ltd.

Booth: C2-Z29          Country: Thailand
Coco Jazz, Crunchy Coconut Bites are inspired by recipes of The Rhythm of Nature! It's made from Thailand's world-renowned coconut plantations, roasted with our "Amber Roasting" techniques, preserving the taste, texture and natural goodness of our high-quality coconut and ingredients. Our snack is also rich in nutrients from superfoods such as chia and sesame seeds. 

Sweets & Confectionery
Quinoa Nuggets
Kasel GmbH
Booth: IH2-C26          Country: Austria

Organic Quinoa Nuggets is a gluten-free, vegan and healthy high protein morsel.  It's a true delicacy and easy to cook!  It contains only organic ingredients as royal quinoa, rice, chia seeds, tomato, paprika, salt, onion, tumeric, pepper, garlic and cumin.  Eat healthy, feel vital!

Fruits & Vegetables
High Protein Rice Noodle
Kenmin Foods (Thailand)
Booth: IH1-C28          Country: Thailand

"High Protein Rice Noodle" contains twice the amount of protein compared to ordinary pasta (protein 23.2g/100g product) and is a highly nutritious staple food that is appropriate for children growing a strong body or as a nutrition support for athletes during their diet.
It is gluten-free, non-GMO, food additive-free and does not contain wheat.

Health & Organic
Eighty Eight "Fresh Egg White"
Khaisook Company
Booth: C3-P67          Country: Thailand

This product makes a healthy and convenient lifestyle even easier. People that are concerned about their diet might not want to eat the egg yolk, but only the egg white due to its nutrients. This innovative product is great people doing athletic and weight training. 

Meat & Poultry
V-Boost Gluten Free Biscuits mixed with Tropical Fruits
Kru Yu Cottage Co. Ltd. 
Booth: C3-B70          Country: Thailand

Nowadays many consumers, especially children, have gluten allergies. We made gluten-free biscuits mixed with Thai tropical fruits - yummy and healthy product. 

Fruits & Vegetables
Dairy Free Sheese
Made in Scotland
Booth: IH4-X25          Country: Scotland

This product was specifically developed for people suffering from milk or gluten allergies/intolerance, to be able to enjoy cheese again, by providing a dairy-free alternative with authentic tastes and textures. The product is coconut oil based and free from artificial flavours, colours or preservatives, which makes the product an ideal choice a healthier lifestyle.

Fine Food
MK Smoked Fish Co., Ltd.
Booth: C2-R54          Country: Thailand

"Hanakatsuo" is sliced from Katsuobushi, which is dried bonito. Katsuobushi is a low fat and high-nutritious food, source of iron, potassium, tryptophan, amino acid histidine, inosinic acid, niacin, Vitamin A, B & D. It is wheat- and gluten-free and high source of protein. Certainly a health choice and can be used as a topping!


Organic Rice Pops
Non-Allergic Nutrition Co. Ltd.
Booth: C3-I64          Country: Thailand 

This hearty and healthy choice rice pop is suitable for all ages at any time, anywhere. It is crunchy and tasty, 100% whole grain rice berry that take your mouth by storm. And it is good for you - allergy and gluten-free, low G1, high-fibre and  Omega 3. It's also organic and non-GMO.

Omega 3, 6, 9 Oil from Sacha Inchi Branch "ORGANOID"
Omega 3.6.9 & Lycopene Co. Ltd.
Booth: IH1-C41          Country: Thailand

Sacha Inchi Oil are the best plant sources for Omega-3, -6 and -9 essential fatty acids. The Sacha Inchi seeds consist of 88% Omega. Furthermore, the oil has an exceptionally low content of saturated fatty acids, which makes it a healthy product compared to other oils. It helps to improve heart conditions, nourishes brain and skin.

Health & Organic
Allrite Organic Rice Cakes Black Grains
Priority Corner Co. Ltd. 
Booth: IH1-E40          Country: Thailand

It is the world’s first organic black grain rice cakes made from organic rice berry, organic homnil rice, organic flaxseed, organic black sesame.
The product is selected to be a national innovative product by the National Innovative Agent (NIA). It is also selected to be the top 5 nature’s best in Thai Airways and is introduced in Sawasdee Magazine on board.

Health & Organic
Organic Rice Vinegar (Saika Brand)    
Saika Health Co. Ltd.
Booth: IH4-X39          Country: Thailand

Made using high-quality organic brown jasmine rice, fermented into vinegar, and finally blended with pure honey and juice. Its benefits are to help prevent the formation of heavy and unhealthy fats, prevent cholesterol forming on blood vessel walls, and improve digestion. Moreover, the amino acids help counter lactic-acid buildup in the blood which can cause fatigue, irritability and stiff muscles. 

Fine Food
Kuvings Vacuum Blender Model SV-500
Shimono (Thailand) Co. Ltd.
Booth: C1-QQ72          Country: Thailand

The new concept of a blender, which has vacuum technology integrated into a high-speed grinder, prevents oxidation and provides you with fresh fiber and nutrition. Enjoy more vivid colors, fresher flavors and fiber with the magic of the soft vacuum and quite high-speed blend technology of Kuvings!

World of FoodService
Riceberry Rice Bran Oil
Sunfood Corp Co. Ltd.
Booth: IH1-C43          Country: Thailand

Riceberry Rice is a breed between Jasmine Rice 105 and Hom Nil. We support and educate the farmer on an organic cultivation. We aim to innovate the concept of zero waste by using every bit. Rice bran oil is full of Vitamin E, minerals, natural protein, Omega 3, 6, 9 and antioxidants. It is organic, IFOAM-certified and chemical-free.

Health & Organic
Natural Mixed Grains
Sunright Foods Corporation
Booth: IH2-M09          Country: Taiwan

Natural Mixed Grains is a blend of 10 different kinds of grain based on daily nutrient needs.  It helps to reduce blood pleasure, blood glucose, and blood fat. Fiber from Natural Mixed Grains also improves stomach and intestines and enhance metabolism.
Easy cooking instruction: Rinse and cook with rice. No need to soak.

Fine Food
Supermarket Foods Asia Ltd.
Booth: IH4-X01          Country: Thailand 

Our Mestemacher's new Organic Amaranth & Quinoa-Bread is aiming the health-concerned consumer groups who are looking for vital and healthy lifestyle products to enhance their well-being.

Fine Food
Best Carb Solutions - PRIME Rice Solutions
Suwannaphum Rice Co., Ltd. 
Booth: C3-J71          Country: Thailand

PRIME Rice Solutions offers best carbs solutions for consumers to better understand how to consume carbohydrates properly by providing right type of rice and carbohydrates measurements per meal per person to fit into their healthy diet plan.
PRIME Rice Solutions is all natural , gluten free and non-GMO, so it is completely worry-free!

Tetra Rex® Bio-based
Tetrapak Thailand
Booth: World of Food Safety Innovation Partner  
Country: Thailand

Tetra Rex® Bio-based is manufactured solely from a combination of bio-based low-density polyethylene (LDPE) films and bio-based high-density polyethylene (HDPE) caps, both derived from sugar cane, in addition to Forest Stewardship Council (FSC ™) certified paperboard. Launched in 2015, Tetra Rex® Bio-based has won multiple international awards - The Best Carton Award from The World Beverage Innovation Awards, The Packaging Award from International Forum Packaging Design and more.
AC CoCo Pop
Thai AC Interfresh Co. Ltd.
Booth: C3-B68          Country: Thailand

Ac CoCo Pop coconuts are specifically grown in an area in Thailand where best fragrance coconuts can be found. It will save you from all the trouble of peeling and piercing through the thick coconut shell. Our production process is certified by Thai FDA and GMP standard. 
Just pull the lid and enjoy the freshness of Thailand's best fragrance coconut on the go!

Fruits & Vegetables
Petite-Pop Organic Sugar Lollipop
Thai B.B. Fruit Co. Ltd. 
Booth: C2-Y68          Country: Thailand

Petite-pop is a natural lollipop and gummy made from organic sugar, real fruit juice and vitamin with no artificial flavors and colors added. We have started the project when we saw parents struggling because their kids love sweets but they don't want them to have it because it's full of high fructose syrup, sugar, artificial colors and flavors.  

Sweets & Confectionery
MAMA - Mendake Air Dried Noodles
Thai President Foods Public Co. Ltd. 
Booth: IH5-EE01          Country: Thailand

MAMA - Mendake Air Dried Noodles are non-fried noodles produced using special air drying technology.  Producing the noodles without frying the noodles is the major technology advantage.  Through this product, we have been able to satisfy the demand of customers aiming to eat the healthy noodles.  Customers have an option to mix various kind of vegetables and other additions.

Fine Food
Frappy Gummy - Pineapple Passionfruit
Tropical Fruits Fusion Co. Ltd. 
Booth: C2-V36          Country: Thailand

Frappy is a gummy that does things differently. Our premium sweet and sour, juicy, chewy gummy is made with 40% of real Thai fruit puree which is the highest fruit content in the market. Currently, you can enjoy Frappy in 4 flavours - mango, pineapple mix with passion fruit, young coconut and mangosteen. Let's try Frappy, a less guilty gummy!

Sweets & Confectionery
Sawat-D Thai Hom Mali Rice Organic (Thai Jasmine Rice)
Universal Rice Co. Ltd. 
Booth: C3-I59          Country: Thailand

Sawat-D Organic Jasmine Rice is organically cultivated in the fertile soil of the Esan Plateau in Thailand and nourished with rainwater. Sawat-D Organic Jasmine Rice (Thai Hom Mali Rice) is free off chemicals, sealed in a vacuum pack to keep its nutrients.  After being cooked, it gives firm, fine taste with aromatic nourishment.

Clear PLA Gourmet Lids
Booth: IH4-X25          Country: Scotland

A Vegware innovation! Our clear lid is made from plant-based PLA - it's completely plastic-free. Consumers know they're getting an environmentally friendly product with 81% less carbon than plastic. 
Foodservice managers love Vegware, too. The PLA Gourmet Lid clips on to Vegware mix & match bases to show off salads, sushi and desserts. Practical and economic; the perfect solution for grab & go foodservice.

Fine Food
Wasabi Sauce Wasabi-O Brand
Venturetec Marketing Co., Ltd. 
Booth: C2-R27          Country: Thailand

Wasabi sauce is another exquisite creation of "Chef Kani". It uses "REAL" wasabi and is recommended to be used as dipping sauce not only with sashimi, but also with all kind of meat in any cuisine.

Yellow Trees Food Co. Ltd.
Booth: C2-AA67          Country: Thailand

Thai fruits and ice cream are loved by people all over the world. Putting these two together is a perfect combination - Thai fruit ice cream!  We transform our ice cream into powder to bring back home the taste of Thai fruits. Our product allows consumers to make home-made ice cream with or without ice cream machine.

Sweets & Confectionery
Vegetarian Shredded Meat
Youta Company
Booth: C3-M57          Country: Thailand

We make quality Vegetarian Shredded Meat from textured soy protein as an alternative to meat-protein sources.  It is ready-to-eat and can be served with sandwiches, used on the salads or consumed as a chewy snack. The crispy chewy shreds mixed with seaweed and sesame seeds make it suitable for all lifestyles and balanced eating at all ages.