THAIFEX Trend Topics

The Food Trends of Tomorrow

The world of food & beverage, whilst sustaining the basic needs of the worldwide consumers, is simultaneously evolving through innovations and trends.
New products lined the shelf everyday and food labels get more transparent as consumers audit the end-products.
THAIFEX-World of Food Asia understands the importance of the f&b development and identifies the major food trends for the global market.
10 Trend Topics for 2018 include:
  THAIFEX Franchise   THAIFEX Finger Food   THAIFEX Gluten free  
  THAIFEX Halal   THAIFEX Health   THAIFEX Kosher  
  THAIFEX Organic   THAIFEX Private Labels   THAIFEX Vegan  
  THAIFEX Vegeterian