Innovative Products

Innovative products are introduced to the consumer markets everyday, be it digital or real food. This year, our exhibitors are encouraged to nominate their innovations and new product designs for evaluation. 

After weeks of deliberation, our panel of judges presents the finalists for Innovative Products of THAIFEX-World of Food Asia:


Innovative Product                                  Product & Company Details    
Ace Synergy Product Name: 
Corniche Fat-Free Mega Marshmallows

Product Description:
What is the best thing to go along with at a barbeque? Corniche’s Mega Marshmallows are not only soft but they are also halal-certified and fat-free too! What better way to end off that barbeque feast with those toasty and gooey marshmallows? Indulge in our wide range of marshmallows! From Teddy Bear shaped to Mini-sized to different fruit flavours marshmallows, you will certainly be spoilt for choice! So go on and grab a pack of Corniche’s Mega Marshmallows and enjoy that barbeque with your friends! 

Ace Synergy International Private Limited
Hall: IEC 4  Booth: Y-11 
Agricultural Product Name: 
Kimchi Dumplings

Product Description:
Tailored to the taste of Koreans, this product is made out of meat, tofu and vegetables in harmony with the flavor of fresh kimchi. The wide selection of dumplings include mouth-watering varieties such as pepper, wheat, noodle, sorghum, meat, kimchi, pizza & potato.

Agricultural Corporation Limited Company GoodFood
Hall: IEC 4  Booth: U-27
Chinatown Product Name: 
Lava Sesame Ball Salted Egg Yolk

Product Description:
Freshly made & IQF to maintain freshness and quality (not pre-fried / pre-cooked). With no added preservatives. From frozen, deep fry at 155°C for 6 - 7 minutes or till golden brown. First time frying will provide the taste of freshly made sesame ball. The perfect union of sweet savoury combination, smooth and creamy molten salted egg yolk filling oozing out from crispy fried sesame ball dough, goodness and blissful taste of heaven!

Chinatown Food Corporation Pte Ltd
Hall: IEC 3  Booth: O-16 
Evertto Product Name: 
Little Soup Sterilized Baby Food

Product Description:
Nutrition made using a variety of materials to suit the developmental growth on meals for infants aged 7 months to 12 months. By eating a variety of food through these Little Soup baby food, it is possible to learn the correct eating habits.This product features easy consumption through a straw. It is not only a nutritious vegetable soup, but delicious with 0% artificial Sweeteners. Sterile and safe, only quality raw materials are used in its packaging, with a shelf life of 1 year.

Hall: IEC 4  Booth: T-34 
Foodopia Product Name: 
Coloured Soybean Wrappers

Product Description:
Soybean wrappers may be applied in various cuisines, such as Japanese Sushi, Dim Sum and Spring Rolls. With a variety of attractive colours, it can heighten the presentation of dishes from ordinary to extraordinary. This product features Natural Colouring, Non-GMO Soybeans and High Quality Soybean Proteins. It does not contain any Preservatives, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat or Cholesterol.

Foodopia Co., Ltd.
Hall: IEC 2  Booth: K-35 
Leroy Product Name: 
Lerøy Tempura Breaded Salmon (Gluten-free)

Product Description:
Lerøy has launched a line of fresh breaded fish in convenient oven packaging, made for easy, tasty and healthy dinners. It has become a favorite among Norwegian families, and children simply loves fish when it is breaded. This crispy and tasty dish can be served as dinner or as a snack. The product line is available with three different breadings: seed, tempura- and panko breading with saithe, salmon and cod. On top of all, the breading is gluten-free!

Hallvard Leroy AS
Hall: CH 3  Booth: L-15 
Mamee Product Name: 
Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps

Product Description:
As one of the renowned snack company in Malaysia, Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps is our latest product innovation which strive to change consumer’s perception on potato chips snaking. Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisps is challenging consumer’s taste bud by offering a sweet sensation. Mister Potato Sweet Potato Crisp is GMO free, Gluten free, Cholesterol free and Trans Fat Free. Most importantly it is made of 100% imported sweet potatoes with no artificial colouring added. Welcome to taste the goodness of sweet potato on the go in a canister.

Mamee-Double Decker (M) Sdn. Bhd.
Hall: CH 3  Booth: F-45 
Marukome Product Name: 
Freeze Dried Miso Soup (Halal)

Product Description:
Freeze Dried Miso Soup is halal certified by the Central Islamic Committee of Thailand (CICOT approved institution), the Thai government Halal certification authority. This delicious instant miso soup can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere. It contains organic soybeans, organic rice, salt, bonito and kelp soup stock, dried wakame seaweed and a spring onion mix.

Marukome (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
Hall: IEC 3  Booth: T-15 
NamPhuong Product Name: 
Quick & Convenient Vị Xua Cooking Sauces

Product Description:
Cooking sauce Vị Xua is made with vegetables & fruits without any artificial sweeteners, it is a unique mix between fresh ingredients as garlic, onion, tomatoes, lemongrass and selected traditional spices. With its delicious taste, it will bring depth to your dish without addition of any other spices. Quick & convenient, Vị Xua cooking sauce is the best choice for the modern housewife. A variety of 8 flavors will bring exciting diversity to your daily family meals. Not only in Vietnam, Cooking sauce Vi Xua has been proud to meet the worldwide quality by exporting to one of the biggest markets as USA & Germany.

Nam Phuong V.N Co.,Ltd
Hall: IEC 1  Booth: C-23 
NPCSiam Product Name: 
Reverse Tap

Product Description:
Life can be more fun with Reverse Tap!

NPC Siam Co., Ltd.
Hall: CH 1  Booth: PP-39 
TetraPak Product Name: 
Food Packaging Solutions

Product Description:
International gallery of innovative packages and inspiration for food packaging solutions.

Tetra Pak (Thailand) Limited
Hall: CH 1  Booth: QQ-15 
Vietnam Dairy Product Name: 
Pomegranate Drinking Yoghurt

Product Description:
Absolutely applied from natural fermentation technology and enriched nutrition from fermented milk with purified Bulgaricus from E.U, Pomegranate drinking yogurt is now blended with pomegranate cubes that helps to make your skin smooth and beautiful. The product also contains high amount of calcium and vitamin D3 to help you build stronger bones and a more flexible body. 

Vietnam Dairy Products Joint Stock Company (VINAMILK)
Hall: IEC 1  Booth: C-01 
Vit Makanan Product Name: 
Vit's Ramen Penang White Curry

Product Description:
White Curry or better known as Curry Laksa from the Peranakan culture is one of the most divine cuisines of Malaysia. The traditional blend of spices and ramen will create a taste that you'll never forget! This product is sterilized and vacuum-packed, requires no refrigeration and is ready in just 1 minute.

Vit Makanan (KL) Sdn Bhd
Hall: CH 3  Booth: E-29 
Richie Product Name: 
Richie Wheat Beverage Products

Product Description:
Soft drink products from freshly harvested rice powder. Implementing biotechnological processes using enzymatic digestion of starch to the freshly harvested rice helps to reduce the mass. This technique increases the amount of  oligosaccharides, which is the food fiber. Applying freeze-dry technique results in a highly porous product which is quickly and easily soluble in cold water yet maintaining a high nutritional value.

Richie Confectionery Co Ltd
Hall: CH 1   Booth: HH-68 
Cho Heng Product Name: 
Hydrophobic Odour-Absorbing Rice Perfumed Powder

Product Description:
Innovative world-class products, sweat and odor absorbing flour. Applying chemical modification and physical modication by using microwave to the low protein flour help improves the properties for absorbing fat in the water.  The hydrophobic rice flour is 3 times better in fat absorbing than a talcum.  Having the average particle size of 6 microns making it so silky smooth and adhere well when applying to your skin.  With these properties we can produce a decent body odor and mold control rice flour.

Cho Heng Rice Vermicelli Factory
Hall: IEC 2   Booth: K-25 
KCG Corporation Product Name: 
Rice Berry Flour 

Product Description:
Nationally innovative products for eclair flour made from Rice Berry. 100% substitution of wheat flour with Rice Berry flour which provides high nutritional properties. Together with the use of corn starch to smooth out the texture, and engineered starch to provide the structural integrity of Rice Berry's husk so it will not collaspe after the baking at high temperatures. It also enhances the ability to absorb water, making it a flexible texture.

KCG Corporation Co.,Ltd
Hall: CH 3   Booth: F-01, F-15